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“In summer, the song sings itself.”
– William Carlos Williams.

2020 brings CMNZ a new year of diversity and variety in music, and for this edition of Theme we explore some of those voices that we so often omit. 2019 was a huge year for Clara Schumann as it was 200th anniversary since her birth, and so many music organisations didn’t note the momentous occasion. Low hanging fruit, surely, when we are trying to address the gap of female composers in our music programmes. Alongside Clara we’ll read about Fanny Mendelssohn – another huge figure in music. Both these women should be household names for classical music lovers, and what they achieved, both in their lives and in their music is simply extraordinary.

CMNZ is getting ready to bring you another fantastic year of artists and music-making for 2020. If you haven’t a hard copy, hop on our website www.chambermusic.co.nz and discover our 2020 season brochure. This was the second year we employed the talents of our in-house designer Darcy Woods for our brochure art. We are interested in that osmotic relationship between visual art and music; that image on the CD cover, or magazine image enticing us to look further, offering inspiration for further imaginings. Darcy has responded to the 2020 music season with such creativity and flair we had to explore more about him and his approach to art.

Music has an immeasurable impact on all corners of our lives, especially when we are going through times of struggle or hardship. A central article in this Theme is an interview with Anna Sedcole, who is studying music therapy. Anna takes us through the multiple ways music helps us get through these times, and how the Music Therapy formalises and integrates music’s capacity for healing into health care.

Changing gears entirely, we look into the less noble corners of the music world: to the hoaxes and frauds and charlatans. Classical music is not without shady characters looking to make a quick buck, trick, spread rumour and intrigue. We hope this article shocks, appalls and amuses you!

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