Without Chamber Music New Zealand, I wouldn’t have had a pathway. From the Contest to uni to touring concerts to coaching others… Lots of threads have touched my life. I highly rate CMNZ’s influence on my life.

– Liam Wooding


Liam Wooding, up and coming pianist, has recently completed touring for CMNZ through our Regional series and is a prime example of the impact your support has on the life of a young musician in New Zealand.

Liam grew up in Whanganui where his music teachers took students to classical concerts. In high school he was first exposed to CMNZ’s flagship event: the NZCT Chamber Music Contest.

“The Contest was my first real in-road into classical music and learning what it’s like to play with others” Liam says. “There was a real sense of innate connection, of tūrangawaewae… and I’ve been hooked ever since.”

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